Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me and my culture.

Culture n. state of manners, taste, and intellectual development at a time or place.
manners:- Im English, so think it polite to remember my "p's and q's" (please and thankyou) when in company and to respect my elders.
taste:- I love curry (the now the most commonly cooked dish in England), I've travelled some of Europe but not enough and believe that any exposure to new cultures and countries can only add to life experiences.
Intellectual development:-Born in Luton which is a cultually diverse city then spent my adult life living and working in Dunstable.
Married in the historic Priory of St Peter I emigrated with my family nearly 6 years ago and have been with OP for 5 of those.I started teaching p/t 1 year ago and finding the whole experience extremely rewarding while a huge learning curve.


Helen said...

Hi Tracey - thought there were a few of us English - What a beautiful place you were married in. Have spent a it of time in your original area - do you think cultural identity is something we (English) talk about as much as the New Zealanders seem to?

tracey nash said...

Hi Helen
thanks for your comment....not sure if I'm supposed to answer on your blog or mine, so I'll post on here and hope you pick it up.
I think the relatively young age of N.Z. has a lot to do with the reasons that a new Zealander's cultural identity is a hot subject. So many cultural issues are still not resolved and many individuals are fighting for the rights (and maybe privileges) that go with cultural identity.
What are your thourghts about it?

Helen said...

Yes - I'm sure it has something to do with the age and the fact there are still things like "treaty" negotiations still going on. Don't think any of us would be able to trace our ancestors as easily in England - although I have to say I really enjoy the TV show - "who do you think you are" - have you seen it - has some of the UK TV celebrities tracing their ancestry.