Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Design School Philosophy/Aims

I have located the design school philosophy and aims document in the student handbook.
As the design school covers 4 degree subjects and 3 certificate subjects it is quite a broad document, however there are some words appropriate to flexible learning.
"To facilitate learning by design students in a creative, flexible and collaborative environment within a culture that promotes and supports design driven entrepreneurial opportunities."
"To equip students with the tools, techniques and competence, required to work in their chosen career path within the extremely broad field of professional design."
"Designers need to be broad based and with some understanding of other specialisations."
"A designed product may be a physical object, (two or three dimensional), a non-physical (virtual) object which may be represented in the physical world or, it may be a service. Design in this context is based on the needs of users. Design education is about facilitating the designer’s ability to match a product or service to those needs."

All the above statements support flexible learning and teaching in an ever changing design environment, where the product dictates the manner in which the design and product must be produced.
As a team the staff in the design school try to:-
Speak Responsibly.
Listen Generously.
Honour Diversity.

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